Annual Fall Mum Sale

2014 Mum Sale Recap

This past September, we had another successful fall mum sale. WE changed things up a bit this year and held our sale at TWO locations - Sarkey’s Florist in Highland and Campagna Academy in Schererville. And thanks to the generosity of Pepino’s Restaurant in Schererville, we were able to sell mums and connect with our supporters for two weeks afterwards in the parking lot at Pepino's.

Despite the chill in the air this fall, the mums were nonetheless beautiful! We would like to thank all of our volunteers as well as everyone who purchased mums and tomatoes. Along with our geranium sale in May, this is a major annual fundraiser that helps us prepare for our future home.

Looking Ahead: 2015 Mum Sale

Please plan to purchase your mums next fall from us as well! We host our annual sale on a Saturday in September. We will update this page when we confirm the date!