Volunteer at Campagna Academy

For our collaboration with Campagna Academy, Growing Our Community, we are in need of community volunteers — gardeners, educators, retirees, people with some spare time — you!

As part of Campagna’s procedures, all on-site volunteers must complete a screening process. Volunteer packets for Campagna projects can be downloaded (for reference only) below:

One-Day Project Packet
On-Going Volunteer Packet

To begin the volunteer screening process, please contact Beth Szamatowicz, Director of Public Relations & Volunteer Services at Campagna Academy at 219.322.8614 or via email at bszamatowicz@cahope.org.

Of course, if you have any questions or just want to talk to someone at Planting Possibilities, please contact us via email at info@plantingpossibilities.org or phone us directly at 219.237.9353 for additional details regarding volunteer opportunities at Campagna Academy.