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August 28, 2014
NWI Times, "Planting Seeds of Future Developmentally Disabled Trainees"

NWI Times - 8/13/14 Rockopelli 2014 Rocks Highland Main Square

NWI Times - 7/27/14 Planting Possibilities with Musical Seeds

Post Tribune 7-10-2014 Charitable Music Fest Slated for Sunday in Highland

NWI Times - 7/12/14 Rockopelli Battle of the Bands set for Friday

NWI Times -4/24/14 Planting Possibilities Teams up with Campagna Academy

WJOB Radio - 2/10/14 JED and MaryAnne Neiner of Planting Possibilities Interview

Lakeshore Focus 10/11/13 Interview with Elena Dwyer and Brad Hemingway

NWI Times - 9/7/13  Tomato/Mum Sale helps fund vision
NWI Times - 7/19/13 Rockopelli Music Fest
NWI TImes - 7/17/13 Highland Music festival to benefit developmentally disabled
Purdue Alumni- May/June 2013 Planting the Seeds of Opportunity
NWI Times - 2/20/13 Legacy Foundation awards grants


NWI Times - 9/27/12 Fall Mum Sale
NWI Times - 7/29/12 'Rockopelli' concert to benefit Planting Possibilities, developmentally disabled
NWI Times - 7/28/12 Local bands raise money to benefit adults with disabilities
NWI Times - 7/26/12 Munster music fest to raise money for project benefiting adults with disabilities
ZoomGroup                    Bands Rock Out - Raise Money for People with Disabilities
Post Tribune - 5/5/12 Planting Possibilities founders hope to train, employ disabled adults
NWI Times - 4/28/12 Planting Possibilities to sprout jobs?